Throwback: Evolution Of “Idris Elba”


Update: This original story was posted over two years ago. Since the posting of this story Idris Elba has moved on to adding many more accolades to his resume. This throwback story is simply for your reading pleasure.

What does the word “evolution” mean? To simply evolve. Of course you knew this! With that being said, its only right for us to bring you the evolution of [Idris Elba] this week. It’s simply amazing to watch your favorite actors, actresses, singers, politicians and others evolve from then to now. We love sharing this with you.

Idris Elba has done it all! Too much for us to name, but we honor and acknowledge his evolution. Actor, Director, Singer, DJ!?!  May we ask; What isn’t he doing now a days? The chocolate boy wonder, and ever so appeasing “eye candy” is on the up and up. With a long list of hit TV shows, and movies, under his belt, we still haven’t seen the best of him. He is just getting started! He has so much more to offer.

What should we look forward to for the year 2014 from Mr. Elba? Well how about 3 movies  Thor, Pacific Rim, and his version of the Nelson Mandela’s biopic” [Long Walk To freedom] in which he will portray the life of  [Nelson Mandela] and the beautiful Naomie Harris will portray [Winnie Mandela]. Lets not forget “Luther” the Emmy nominated detective show starring Elba as a modern-day version of “Colombo” making its return for a 3rd season.

It’s safe to say Idris Elba is on fire! We love his versatile edge as an actor. We look forward to seeing more of his evolution.

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