“Ride Along” TOPS Box Office In First Week

Its all good for Ice Cube & Kevin Hart this week. The dynamic duo hit the jackpot with new movie [Ride Along] which was released on January 17th.  The film grossed 41 million in its first week; and still counting.

Check out a preview from their recent cover on JET magazine:

This can sort of… kind of…. look like the possibility of a new and improved version of the movie “FRIDAY”. Would’t you love to see that? But of course it isn’t. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube grace the latest issue of “JET” magazine as they make their publicity rounds for up-coming collaborative movie “Ride Along”. So what can you expect from this film?

“From 48 Hours to Lethal Weapon to Bad Boys, I wanted Ride Along to have the same kind of feel as those movies. -Ice Cube

“I took a gamble when I quit my job, which meant putting my all into stand-up comedy,” said Hart, who has established himself as a bankable leading man”When you don’t have a backup plan, you work as hard as you can because you know there cannot be a negative outcome, only positivity. When you let go of other things, you help yourself to evolve into great things.” . -Kevin Hart


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