Weekend Flashback: Inside Out

“Inner Beauty Glow” If we do not maintain our inner beauty, the authentic glow will not be there. Even the right make up application will not show good results. Lets do some inside beauty 101 today.

Cut it out! – By reducing the caffeine, alcohol refined sugar, flour and junk foods in your diet, you will be increasing the benefits of vitamins and minerals metabolized in the body. Your skin will start to improve like the bottom of a baby’s bussom!

Flushi it! – Drinking 8 eight -ounce glasses of water each and every day will help flush the toxins away. For added benefit, drink it cold to help with weight control. the body has to burn more calories when the water is cold.

Say hey bartender!- In excess, alcohol dehydrates the body and robs it of vitamins that keep skin both healthy and glowing. Make a promise to yourself that for evey alcoholic beverage you consume, you will chase it with a glass of water with a splash of lemon or lime juice.

Get the jucie! – Raw fruits and vegetables, expecially freshly squeezed juices, increase the level of enzymes in the body. By incorporating fresh juice into your daily diet, you will be drinking your way to better health and becoming younger.

Sleep on it!-  Taking evening primrose oil and vitamin E capsules before retiring allow the body to absorb these powerful anti-agers in the system during it’s most restorative of rest. In return your skin wll have a glowing and elastic effect.

Tea Anyone?-  As in every afternoon treat, do as the English do and have a “spot” of tea. Green tea is full of healthy antioxdants. Steep in a procelain teapot and serve in a danty china cup and saucer; add lemon and even a fruit scone if you would like. Enjoy this anti-aging ritual. In return you will look good, feel good, and be ready to take over the world!

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