Tired Of The Drama!


Single and happy? Sounds about right to around 73% of American men who are just over it! Basically, men are tired of  all the dramatics. Male bashing books, tv shows, movies, and any other; and we quote “gimmick” that makes them look bad.  It takes two in a relationship. They are tired of taking the blame. We know; its sounds a little cliché, but as for now this is how men feel.

We hope this is just a phase men are going through right now. Could it be; they are tired of being targeted as the bad guys? If so, they do have a point!
To be continued………

3 Replies to “Tired Of The Drama!”

  1. Hi [Bearded Bow Tie Guy] we understand your curiosity, as we choose to call this a symbolic number, as you stated. But, it is actually 73.1%. Our data and resources come from the following….

    NY.Times in which they compiled and created a survey for the year 2011-2012 of single men in America. Their source was;data from the 2009 Census. They where curious to explore; why so many men, where single.

    We also researched more data from the following accredited resources who have written featured articles with the same around about percentage of single men who…….(A) are making a choice not deal with the DRAMA of being in a relationship. (B). men who feel they receive a bad rap from society of being a man ie..tv, books, movies etc..

    Here are our accredited resources:
    1. Cosmopolitian Magazine
    2. Huffington Post
    3. Essence Magazine

    Thank you for visiting us my friend!


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