GOT NEWS? 5 Thing We’re Talking About

Ever so often, there is just some things you can’t stop talking about.  Here are ours for the week beginning 8/11/13


1. halle-berry-backs-california-s-anti-paparazzi-billHey Paparazzi! Guess what? Halle Berry no likey you. just recently she testified in front of the California lawmakers. Limiting paparazzi harassment. Her goal is to forbid the paparazzi from taking pics of celebrity’s children.

2. Beyonce  makes a drastic change. essencecom-beyonce-debuts-her-a-short-blonde-pixie-hair-cut-on-instagram_520x520_12After being on top of her game for over a decade, posing as her alter ego Sasha fierce. Beyonce wanted to strip herself bare. She is known for her flying weaves and luscious locks. So, it shocked he fans when she debuted her new pixie cut on instagram. No matter what, she is still Queen “B”

3. President Obama trending at #1 on all social networks. Just because it was his birthday. Instagram, twitter, facebook, pinterest, and more. Fans hashtaged the President to the 10th power sending him birthday wishes.


4. Nick Cannon revamps the long syndicated show “Soul Tran’ under his multimedia company Ncredible Entertainment. He will act as host and producer.


5. September is going to be a HOT month! Two “heavy hitters” are about to hit the TV talk show scene.  Queen Latifah & Arsenio Hall are scheduled to make their talk show premiere. Both have had talk shows before, but for some reason we smell success again.


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