The Beauty Pay Off!

Want to get paid? Not with money, but with beauty.  Try these D.I.Y beauty tips and thank us later!

1. Fake a face lift- Boil a pot of water and wait for the steam to rise, get a towel and cover your head over the pot of water for 5 minutes. This  steam ritual will instantly open your pores. Once you are done with this process add a firming mask to your face and neck. Your skin will instantly tighten up. Remove the mask after ten minutes. Retire to bed. While sleeping your skin rejuvenates itself. [Keynote] It’s best to sleep on your back to avoid creases in your face and poor blood circulation.  The beauty experts swear by this overnight face lift . Try it.

2. Luscious Lips– The ultimate lip balm is a beauty must! They contain petrolatum and beeswax. These ingredients trap moisture and add the extra plum to your lips. If your lips are extra dry, a balm with a built-in exfoliant will do wonders. This type of lip balm helps shed the dry skin while moisturizing.

3. Brighten Up–  Tired eyes? Line the inner rim of your lower lashes with a white eye pencil.  Make sure to blend it in well to avoid people seeing the actual liner.

4. Switch your lip shades– The older you get pastels and candy colors can outgrow your image to a dated look. Deep dark shades makes your lips appear thinner. Or, maybe you should try light neutral tones. They actually are the most natural, but glossy shimmers adds the illusion of limp plump.

5. Skin flaws?– Switch to a light reflecting lotion, containing reflective particles. Face illuminator lotions puts your face in soft focus, so imperfections and flaws are less noticeable.

These simple tips can make a big difference in a big way.

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