The 2013 Lip Pop!

On the hunt, for that perfect lip. We went under deep investigation. Our plan consisted of events, movie dates, and lots of laughter. We wanted to find the best lip pop that could stand the test of time and keep us looking stunning in 2013.


The texture, the moisture, the scents and colors, not to mention the lasting effects. How fun is it to just have your lips glowing and looking good at all times. We started out with 8, all did not make the cut, so we rather not name. The ones that made the cut, sold us at the first try.

If you ever want to have the perfect lip pop. You must carefully choose the right lip gloss. These top four choices is a must try. They provide all the qualities women need to have the perfect lip pop!

MAC:   Who doesn’t know about MAC they are one of the top sellers in a billion dollar industry. So of course you would not be surprised if we tell you the quality of their lip gloss is fabulous. The texture is thick and the moisture is long-lasting. Everyone woman has to own some MAC in their lifetime. MAC lip gloss is for the ladies of the night. The passionate colors with high gloss, adds that special attention to your lips. Try it!

NARS:    We see why NARS is an award winning cosmetic line! The lip gloss neutrals are intense. The texture is light but full of moisture. This is not a lip gloss you need to apply much of. Keep in mind that more than one layer starts to have a sticky effect. The main thing we like about NARS is their sheer colors. We have yet to see a cosmetic line match the neutrals. Light day? Not much lip gloss? NARS is your answer.

SMASHBOX:    This gloss has a long lasting effect. Not to mention the gorgeous colors. (In between) is what we will review this lip gloss. It lasted up to six hours without a re- apply. Texture was ok. Not bad at all . Color selections can be enhanced a little but we hear they have a fab 2013 collection coming out. If you want a gloss that will last for a long time. Smashbox is the answer.

LUCID:    Now lucid is the baby of the crew, but boy are they making an impact. This lip gloss actually reminds of MAC. The texture the moisture, and oh do we love the colors. The packaging is so cute. Created in a way where you can place it in your little clutch without the bulk showing. We see big things for lucid. We love the names of the line. Capri, San tropes, Aspen etc…. It might be safe to say this lip gloss caters to the all around the world type of lady. We love the idea.

There you have it. Our top four lip gloss picks. This project took us three months in the making. Beauty 101 is a lot of work.

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