Beauty Rewind: Hello Spring! 10 Must Have Beauty Treats Under $10

Get excited! Spring is in the air.. Time to shed the excess layers and stock up on your favorite beauty finds. All of the  best beauty buzz is at your local drug store. Check out these 10 must have beauty finds, under $10. Look good, smell good and feel good this spring with these treats.

1. Pacific Solid Perfumes– Solid perfumes are on trend. Great for emergencies when traveling. They provide a fresh spring smell. These smell good beauties are %100 vegan, gluten-free and made with organic soy, coconut wax and essential natural oils.  [$9.25 each].

2. Revlon Nail Art Expressionist– Looking for some great nail art? Create it yourself. Revlon Nail Art Expressionist “creates a strong backdrop with a bold base-coat”. Use the skinny nail art brush to create your unique designs. Find them at your local beauty/drugstore for [$9.00 each].

3. Sephora Body Wash Pods– How cute are these assorted smell good pods. Great for traveling when you need to do a quick” freshen up” Make sure you always have one in your purse just to have a smell good pick me up when needed. – [80 cents each].

4. Organix Teetree Mint- You can either go with the collection or individual. The shampoo and conditioner or both under ten dollars, allowing you to add more. This mint shampoo and conditioner adds moisturizer and strength to your hair. Not to mention the tingly mint treatment that massages your scalp. Relax, unwind and enjoy the pleasure of this micro infused Teatree collection. [Shampoo-$2.99, Condition-$3.99]

5. L’oreal Paris Colour Caresse– This unique but subtle lip balm quenches your every desire. The lip pop gives you a long-lasting effect of a lipstick. [$9.99 each]

6. Mark Juice Gems– We love these high shine tinted glosses, with real fruit extract. How tasty would that be to actually wear something on your lips that looks good and taste good. Visit your local Avon sales rep to order this tasty gloss [$6.50 each]

7. Stella Mare Soy Candles– Just the right smell, not too much or less. These citrus scented candles will boost your mood. [$9.99 each]

8. Bling Boards- Who knew filing your nails could be so fab! How fun can it be to add a touch of glam with the smallest things you do. When you file your nails take your time and enjoy the sites of your bling board. Beauty should be incorporated into everything you do. $1.00]

9.Garner Moisture Rescue Gel Cream– This gel cream is moisture at it’s best.  The perfect non-stick cream great for layering under your make -up.  Its smooth with no build up, not to mention. the great reviews from beauty experts. This gel-cream has taken on a life of its own. [$6.00]

10. Fresh Flowers– Yes, we said fresh flowers. Fresh flowers added to your  home weekly is the best beauty remedy ever! Flowers boost your mood, makes you smile daily and difuses the air in your home from toxins. They are  known to be the number (1) beauty pick -me up.

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