Simple Pleasure

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We use them, abuse them, and then expect for them to look good through all the neglect. Who are we talking about you ask? The hands and feet. Getting a mani and pedi is not enough. Your hands and feet desire the simple pleasure as well. They want you to give them your attention on a daily basis.

Everyday Hands & Feet Rituals:

1. Keep cuticle oil or cream at work or where you usually make your phone calls. While on the phone apply your cream and massage your cuticles. You will immediately see the improvement of a soft and moisturized cuticle if you follow this ritual.

2. Apply a top coat every other day to keep your nails looking good.

3. Keep a golf ball handy at work or home. While sitting, roll the golf ball under your feet for 2 minutes on each foot. This takes away all the tension of the day and helps arch strain, foot cramps and heel pain.

4. Spray the souls of your feet with peppermint oil to experience a cool sensation of a tired foot.

5. Apply a facial mask to the back of your hands every two weeks. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Your hands will be smooth and wrinkle free. F.Y.I no matter how much you exercise and take care of your health, your hands can tell your true age. Take care of your hands like you do your face.

Bonus: Don’t forget to massage and moisturize your hands and feet while bathing. The relaxation of a warm bath, foot massage and hand massage can relieve all the tension and send you to heaven.

It’s all about the simple pleasures. Do not neglect the little parts of your body.

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