Rewind: Hair Care 101

Holiday Hair Care
Holiday Hair Care

Do not get the blues with your hair. Don’t turn into a hat head. Lets do some hair care 101.

Try These Hair Care 101 Tips:

1. Try coconut milk on your hair. It makes it healthy, full, and thick

2. Every other week give your hair a much needed spa session. Instead of rushing the conditioner on and off the hair, leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Wrap the hair in a towel, sit and relax with a cup of antioxidant tea. Rinse your hair and style as usual. Your hair will feel  like silk, and your scalp will be hydrated.

3.Do It; Get a new hair-do and be bold for the new year. If you are still wearing last year’s hair, you need a change. Depending on the style, hair is a one of the fastest ways to age or de-age you.

4.Scents: For extra pizzazz spray your hairbrush with your signature fragrance or mix a drop of fragrance or mix a drop of fragrance with hair gel before applying to hair. As your hair moves throughout the day, your special fragrance will too.

5.Hair Diet: There are 100s of enhancing hair products on the market. Some can actually make a difference, but the best treatment for the hair and scalp si a balanced healthy diet. Try these hair foods. Oatmeal, peanut butter, blueberries, strawberries, green tea, salmon and all green vegetables.

6. Hair Therapy: Net time you visit your hairstylist, ask the shampoo technician to spend extra time performing a “Scalp Massage”. The tension will simply drain from your head, and neck. Make sure that you tip him or her appropiately for a job well done.

7. Best Behavior: To keep your hair on it’s best behavior-mix it up! Switch your shampoo and conditioner every 2 or 3 weeks. When you use the same old thing all the time, your hair will start to feel weighed down, becoming difficult to style. In addition, your hair will take on a dull cast, losing its shine. Keep it fresh.

8. Bye Build up: for the freshest hair, alternate your hair conditioner with one designed to remove buildup. You will feel five pounds lighter.

Footnote; Never get the blues with your hair. You can still look fab with your healthy mane glow!

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