Celebrity Bromance We Love!

Celebrity Bromance is so cute! We love to see our favorite male entertainers and their sidekicks spend time together. We hope the wives and girlfriends are not offended. Why? because we see no signs of these “Bromances”  ever coming to an end. Every time they are together it seems fun, they smile from ear to ear while spending time together. Check out some of our favorite “Bromance” couples.

JayZ & Kanye West: This bromance bond is unstoppable. They break up, only to make up and have fun again. Kanye is known to be territorial when it comes to Jay Z. He recently threw a public tantrum against Justin Timberlake  for working with Jay Z on his [Suit & Tie] single. Could it be he started getting a little jealous that Jay Z and J. T was having too much fun together? Maybe, but Jay Z and Kanye West have a brotherhood like no other.

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon: This is a legendary bromance  has stood the test of time. These two childhood buddies work well at creating success together. Theystay true to each other through fame and fortune. Anything they touch together turns into gold. This is a bromance we will forever cherish. Matt and Ben’s authentic bond can never be broken.

President Obama & Vice President Joe Biden: We love this new bromance! The “White House” has brought these two best buddies together. They respect and trust the work ethic of one another. We see this bromance lasting way past the White House years. Who know what the future will hold for these two.

Dwayne Wade & Lebron James: This on and off the court bromance is growing stronger and stronger every day. Every since Lebron came to the Miami Heat, they hit it off perfectly! Dwayne welcomed him with open arms and that is when the bromance began. Now, you can’t separate the two. They laugh together and play together. Both ballers have a love of fashion and family, they share the same interest and understand the game of basketball. This bromance is getting off to a great start!

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