Prime Time Pleasure

Pulse Check! Caller are you there?  Prime time pleasure” is on the rise and we know you are in love with it. With the recent success of [Scandal] and [House Of  Lies] many African-American actors are highly sought after, to star and grace us with their presence on the small screen.  CSI, Criminal Minds, Scandal, Deception, Luther and many more political crime solving drama shows  are adding major “eye candy’ to lighten the mood.

Here are ten “Prime Time Pleasures”  actors we love watching on the small screen.

Don Cheadle [House Of Lies]

Columbus Short [Scandal]

Laz Alonso [Deception]

Larenz Tate [House Of Lies]

Omar Epps [House]

Idris Elba [Luther]

LL Cool J [NCIS]

Lance Gross [….]

Collins Pennie [Revenge]

Shemar Moore [Criminal Minds]

Its safe to say, [prime time] is taking a new dimension within today’s world. High ratings are the goal. With these “eye candy’s” on bored viewers will not be disappointed.

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