Get Your Life! Nicki Minaj Walks Off “American Idol”

There comes that awkward moment in life when you just want to tell someone; In the famous words of [Tamar Braxton] “Get Your Life”. Let us provide you with that forum to do so.

Our “Get Your Life” goes to Nicki Minaj. Although we love the fiesty colorful wig wearing pint size rapper, her actions are becoming questionable. “Diva On The Set” is the reputation this rapper has. She is known to lash out at anyone, anywhere!

Currently she is hosting American Idol. The season began with her tantrum rant against “Icon” MariahCarey, and Steven Tyler which  did not sit  well with fans. Now, her newest incident includes her threatening to walk off the set of “Idol” due to her favorite contestant being cut. The rapper made well with her promise as she walked off set, only to later to return.

If you watch the video, you can see the dis-belief and tired of the foolery look in the other judges faces. #Get Your Life! Nicki Minaj.

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