Throwback: The Evolution Of Solange

Update: This is simply a throwback story. Since the publishing of this story Solange has moved on in adding many more accolades to her resume. This story is simply for your viewing pleasure.

Solange is finally evolving! For years it has not been easy to have a “super-star sister” [Beyonce] as your shadow, and not only that, lets add a superstar brother-in-law [Jay-Z], and now a superstar niece [Blue-Ivy]. Every reporter ask and are intrigued by where they are, and what they are doing. However, Solange has managed to bring sunshine into the ever so often shadow of just being Beyonce’s little sister. The evolution of Solange has begun, and we love it!

Why is Solange evolving you ask? lets see………

1. Solange recently released her latest album “True” which is getting outstanding reviews

2. Solange is 1/3 of a trio along with Cassie, & Selita Ebanks who represent and are spokes-people for Carol’s Daughter beauty and hair products

3. Solange is a well-known D.J. in the entertainment and fashion world. She is frequently requested to play at fashion venues.

4. Solange is highly sought after by fashion designers, to wear their clothes. Diane Von Furstenburg just can’t get enough of her.

Bonus Clip: Solange showing her D.J. skills during fashion week.

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