3 Hotties Buzzin On Prime Time

Sexy, Sultry, & Mystique! Prime time is getting hot! Every week these three hotties sizzle on your TV screen.

{Kerry Washington}  The “Scandal” star needs no introduction. Her Oliva Pope character has gained her more fame and recognition than any of her movies. Everyone is obsessed with the #1 hit show.  From hot romance with President Fitz, to her over the top trending wardrobe. Kerry Washington has never looked better! The accomplished actor leaves everyone intrigued with the passion and edge she brings to the show.

{Megan Good} For this “Deception” star, sex just sells even when she is fully clothed. [Deception] is about the murder of a rich socialite, which leads to a long investigation of the family. “Good plays a San Fransisco detective on the case. Might we add she is the hottest one on the show. Although the show is fairly new, we see great potential for a second season.

{Taraji P. Henson} The Oscar nominated star can be seen every week on TV as detective Carter on “Person Of Interest”. May we add her fierce edge brings a sexy sizzle to her role. Not to mention; from strolling her “Prada” shoes on  luxury red carpet events, to playing the character of a [NYPD] officer in the grueling streets of New York, makes her a hot on prime time!

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