NOH8 Organization Gets Superbowl Sexy!


We have always been in full support of the NOH8 Campaign. This world-wide organization is one of our favorites. Anti- bullying on social media and around the world has given this popular organization full support from all celebrities. One of the best features of the NOH8 campaign is that anyone around the world can join and donate to this organization, as well attend a special photo shoot with their famous logo. Frequently visit the website to see when they are coming to a city near you.

In light of  this Sunday’s Super-bowl  Brendon Ayonbadejoe has taken a break from practice and media to lend a helping hand. We love seeing  NOH8’s various photos of babies, adults, and celebrities but by far this has been one of their sexiest photo spreads ever!  Are you ready for some football?

Check out Baltimore Ravens NFL player Brendon Ayonbadejoe whom advocated in 2009 for same-sex marriage. As well other NFL superstars who have supported NOH8 in the past.

Click the pic for more features and the full article.

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