2012 Hot Cover Moms

{2012 Recap} Hot Cover Moms: M.I.L.F mania  has been in full effect for 2012! Entertainment moms  have taken over, letting you know they can still snag the cover of your favorite magazines.  Could it be you need to know they are still sexy? or, could it be they want to inform you they remain sexy? There is a big difference, but however the saying goes’ tomatoe or tomato” these sexy moms still have what it takes to snag the cover of a magazine.

Michelle Obama: The first lady dazzled all through 2012. Making headlines for fashion, fitness, and fabulosity. Everyone wanted to dress like her, everyone wanted to be fit like her. Every where you turned she was on the cover of a magazine. The president himself admitted The First Lady was more famous than he was.

Mariah Carey: MiMi graced us with double the fun when she gave birth to her 2 bundles of joy in 2011, but  once 2012 hit the diva and yes she is the diva snagged too many magazine covers, after losing the baby weight. She also remains a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig.

Halle Berry: The Oscar Award winning  hot mom makes sexy look easy. She graces the covers of major magazines on a monthly basis. Halle can also be seen all over Hollywood spending quality time with her little mini me Nahla. She loves motherhood. How hot is that!

Beyonce: We waited so long to see the special moment. Beyonce pregnant? Yes she was. Not only did she gracefully maintain her sexy silhouette while pregnant, but once she gave birth to her precious “Blue Ivy” her body just snapped back into place. Soon after the sexy mom graced over 10 magazine covers in 2012.

Alicia Keys: This mom is showed no slowing down once she gave birth to her son Egypt. She just dropped a album and is now seen on numerous magazine covers. She even  got hotter once she hopped of her long locks. Yes, hot moms do re-invent themselves.

Jennifer Lopez: The latina diva still rules, as she did on numerous magazine covers for 2012 including Vogue. We don’t have a lot to say about this hot mom. All we have to say is JLo, after that you get the point.

Jada Pinket-Smith:  This actress turned momanger was seen all over traveling with her famous kids. Although she had a quiet 2012, she still graced a couple of covers, looking better then ever.

Jennifer Hudson: Her weight watchers transformation gave this hot mom circulation within all the hottest magazines. Jennifer never looked better. We are happy add her to the hot moms club.

Toni Braxton: We where so happy to see this hot mom make comeback in 2012. Hit reality show and new album. This self made diva will forever be a hot mom.  Everyone wants Toni Braxton on the cover of their magazine.

Nicole Murphy: No she is not exactly a celebrity, but her reality show Hollywood’s Ex-wives validated what we knew all along. She is a hot mom! The ex wife of Eddie Murphy after being married over 15 years. Now, the current fiance of Michael Straham, we can see why she is never single! With 5 kids, a slim and trim body as well a daunting sex appeal, it only was a matter of time she would  be on magazine covers.


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